Thursday, February 9, 2017

Alaskan Earthquakes: They’re Denali’s Fault

Did you know over 7 million earthquakes occur in the world each year? Many of these earthquakes are so small they go undetected. A few may knock over knickknacks or cause a picture to go crooked. According to USGS, only 152 of these 7 million earthquakes are considered “large” earthquakes. The Unites States has some of the strictest building standards and quickest emergency response times in the world. What you choose to do with the interior of your home is up to you. There are plenty of precautions that must be made to ensure a safe environment for your family. With 16 states in the earthquake danger zone, it is important to do this before a tragedy occurs.

Preparing your home for an earthquake is not something we always think of as homeowners. The biggest risk during an earthquake is being struck by a falling or broken object. This can be prevented with some simple precautions like

  • Securing the water heater with an anchor kit
  • Installing flexible pipe fitting so they will bend, not break
  • Don’t skimp on latches! A good latch will keep your cabinets closed

Create an earthquake survival kit. These are items are in addition to the typical home safety kit:
  • A shovel
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Rope
  • A whistle
  • Compass

The safest place to be during an earthquake? Outside! Unfortunately, earthquakes tend to happen with no warning. This means you may only have mere seconds to get to your established safe spot. Pick a place in your home without windows, glass, tall unsecured furniture, or overhead fixtures. Look for an area near interior walls with a nice sturdy table or desk to hide under. Being under this will keep you and your family safe from debris should the home crumble. If you feel the ground shake, get to your safety spot, drop, cover, and hold on!

What is the most earthquake prone state? Alaska. From all of us at Alaska Management Group, stay safe when you are in your home! Since 1978, we have strived to provide exceptional management services. It has always been our goal to ensure a safe and comfortable lifestyle in the community. To find out more, give us a call at (907) 333-1244 today.