Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gain Peace of Mind by Having the Right Condo Insurance

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Imagine coming home from work and finding your condo’s front door broken and your new television missing. Once you recover from the shock, you’ll probably think to call your condominium association about replacing the door and lock, but what about your personal property and any damage inside the condo? Typically, the condo association’s policy will cover external areas and, depending on the association, may help with the interior damage. Personal property, however, must be insured by the condo owner. 

Some condominium associations offer coverage  referred to as “all-in”, which covers not only the exterior of the unit, but also some of the things inside the condo, such as carpeting, appliances, and fixtures. Other associations offer coverage for only the exterior, which means that the condo owner is responsible for essentially everything within the unit. It’s critical to know what type of insurance coverage your condo association offers before you speak with your insurance agent. 

Not only will condo owners’ insurance cover loss or damage to your property, it should also cover damages in the event that someone is injured in your condominium. This would include someone slipping and injuring himself on a wet floor, for example, including resulting medical bills and possible legal actions. 

When purchasing a condo policy, first determine the value of your belongings. The best place to start is to make an itemized list of those belongings that would need to be replaced. Keeping serial numbers and photos of items will make things much easier if you ever need to make a claim. Bear in mind that most policies will pay “Actual Cash Value” (or ACV) for your belongings, which means that depreciation is taken into consideration. Replacement cost coverage is also available, typically at a somewhat higher cost. If you have items of very high value, like jewelry or artwork, you may need to purchase additional coverage. Insurance will cover loss or damage to your property for some weather events, with the exception of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and landslides. If your area is in a zone that is prone to these events, you may need to purchase extra coverage.

Condo ownership is different from traditional home ownership in many ways, including insurance requirements. Your insurance agent can help you select the right policy and give you the peace of mind so that you can enjoy your condo. 

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